Camo seven

If you’re one of the many hunters looking forward to spending a Spring weekend at Hog Wild, you might want to set aside some of the things you’ll need to bring when that day comes.

February 16, 2016 No Comments

Hog hunting

It may seem early to you to start booking hog hunts for Spring. We understand. It’s cold, and you’re hunkered down inside. But it’s time to start scheduling.

February 2, 2016 No Comments

Family hog hunting

Want to find a new way to spend active time with your family in this new year? The parent/child hunt is a time honored tradition in the hunting world. Why not bring your family on a hunt at Hog Wild?

January 19, 2016 No Comments

Oklahoma USA

Texas has traditionally been the state known for organized hunts for hogs and exotics, but there are a few good reasons to schedule your next wild boar or exotic hunt in Oklahoma.

January 5, 2016 4 Comments

3 myths

We like to think that hunting wild boar is a fun and challenging task. But as with anything, there are plenty of myths about hunting hogs. We’re going to cover three of these myths and explain why, at least at Hog Wild, these myths aren’t based on the truth.

December 15, 2015 1 Comment

Gift card

What better gift to give to your hunting buddy than a gift certificate to a hunt at Hog Wild? Now you can! We have gift certificates on sale just in time for Christmas. If you’ve hunted at Hog Wild, you know how great a weekend staying at the lodge and hunting for your next trophy…

December 1, 2015 2 Comments

Lodge Interior

We get several calls from customers who’ve booked trips to The Lodge at Hog Wild and aren’t sure what they need to bring. Think of Hog Wild as a sort of extended stay for hog hunters. We provide the amenities you’d find at any nearby only hotel. But we go the extra mile to make sure that our guests are comfortable throughout their stay.

November 17, 2015 No Comments

Jacob sheep trophy

Once again we’ve brought in a new exotic for hunters in search of a unique trophy. Allow us to introduce the Jacob sheep. We’ll soon have the Jacob sheep available for hunts, so let’s take a look at this very beautiful and desirable exotic.

November 3, 2015 2 Comments

Dinner plate

While you don’t often hear about boar as cuisine, you’re missing out if you don’t at least try putting hog on the dinner table. So if you’re interested in stuffing that freezer with delicious hog meat, here’s some info on eating and processing wild hog.

October 20, 2015 2 Comments

Landon Link

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the kinds of hogs and exotics that they’ll be proud to put over their mantle or happy to stuff their freezer with. Since we’ve been in business, we’ve seen some massive hogs taken down.

September 15, 2015 1 Comment


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